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The Charles Dickens Pub Broadstairs, Kent

The Charles Dickens Pub

One of the best pubs in Broadstairs

Set in the most beautiful surroundings in Broadstairs, The Charles Dickens Pub in Victoria Parade is one of the best pubs in the area. Overlooking the Viking Bay and the Victoria Queens this pub is a name to reckon when you visit Broadstairs. One of the major attractions of the pub is that it offers one of the most enchanting views of the English Channel. Once you take a tour of the pub you will be pretty impressed by what it has to offer. You can take in the breathtaking scenery outside and watch people go by when you sit at one of the tables in the restaurant.

The pub is the major hub of both locals and tourists

mainly because of the stunning recipes and refreshing drinks that they provide. If you are curious to know why they attract so many people each day then it is because of the great brews and ales that they conjure up. There are local breweries in Broadstairs and thus you get to taste the local flavours. The real ale is in great demand and must definitely be tried out. People who like to experiment with new drinks will never be able to resist vising this pub. The food provided at the restaurant on the upper floor is very delicious and people who have been visiting Broadstairs on a regular basis vouch by the place. The pub is open 7 days a week and one of the major highlights is the Sunday lunch.

There is a reason why this pub is called the Charles Dickens Pub.

It is believed that Charles Dickens himself visited the pub every time he was there. There are actually three pubs in Broadstairs that is named after this great writer. So what was the name of this pub before it was named after Charles Dickens? The building was built in 1801 and was called the Fort House. It was some sort of an observation station where the local residents, tired of all the piracy and smuggling that was happening in their country worked to put an end to the ordeal. They helped the authorities by watching the sea and reporting suspicious happenings. It was much later when Charles Dickens visited Broadstais and fell in love with it that this building was named after him. He spent almost 22 years in Broadstairs and owned a summer house, The Bleak House which he fondly called his ‘watering place’.

They have a huge ball room where functions are conducted. Huge tables adorn the room and the walls and ceiling are decorated with balloons, paper lanterns, coloured papers and other party supplies if you want to have a party at the Charles Dickens Pub.

There will be a multitude of events and festivals in Kent and Broadstairs this year

because 2012 marks the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. The Broadstairs museum is conducting special lectures, workshops and classes in connection with Charles Dickens and his literary works. Apart from the pub, there is this Charles Dickens museum that you can visit. The Dickens Festival is held every year in the month of June; it has been going on for more than 72 years.

You can reach Broadstairs if you are coming in from London; takes about 90 minutes or so. You can fly into the Kent International Airport and take a bus, train or private vehicle to reach Broadstairs. The seven bays of Broadtsiars, the white chalky cliff that overlook the bay, the fisherman’s huts and the Isle of Sheppey are the major attractions of Broadstairs. The sandy beaches are kept clean at all times and you can easily take a morning trek and feel the wind in your face and hair.

Visit the Charles Dickens Pub Website

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