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St Peter’s Broadstairs Village Tour

The St Peter’s Village Tour offers free guided walks around the historic village and churchyard of St Peter’s, Broadstairs in Kent.

Well -recommended, fun and informative tours around the Village of St. Peter’s.

An award-winning tour around the historic village of St. Peter’s provides a comprehensive history of the town and brings the past to life with fantastic performances from the tour’s capable actors.

The tour guides are friendly, enthusiastic and exceptionally well-informed, and the tour around St. Peter’s provides a picture of British history in microcosm, stretching from the town’s beginnings, through the Napoleonic wars to today.

The tour takes on an interactive nature, and provides fun for the whole family, with many visitors taking the tour several times.

The St Peter’s Village Tour consists of 4 different tours;

Village Tour

Churchyard Tour

WWI Graves Tour

WWII Grave Tour

Featured image Matt Boulton, St Peters, CC 2.0, no amendments made.

St Peter's, Broadstairs

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