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Seagull in Broadstairs Kent

Broadstairs Wildlife

Broadstairs Widelife

Broadstairs is one of the most sought after holiday spots in London. Situated in the south-east coast of London, this fishing village attracts hordes of vacationers every year, come summer or winter. There are several interesting places in Broadstairs so you will definitely need to plan your vacation to make the most of it. One of the most attractive things in Broadstairs is its rich wildlife, no doubt about that. To watch the wild animals up, close and real is no small experience and animal and bird lovers can stay in the same spot for days and weeks on end to spot their favorite field of study. Watching these animals you can marvel at the different creations of God and how he has made each species special. Wildlife is beautiful if you are not afraid of them. Provided you follow certain etiquettes while being around animals you are going to have a gala time loving them and caring for them. There are plenty of wildlife parks in and around Broadstairs. A few of them are mentioned here:


Sixteen kilometers away from Broadstairs is another park, the Wingham Wildlife Park in Canterbury. It has about 13 acres of animal housing area and is thus much smaller than the Port Lympne. This non-profit organisation also offers adoptions facilities with the purpose of protecting endangered species. The formalities for adoption are pretty simple and the authorities will ensure you have a hassle-free adoption procedure. If you love the tigers you will enjoy watching them at close range. You can study their behaviour and watch them nursing their young ones. If you are very courageous then you will be given an opportunity to feed them yourself.

Most people cannot stop raving about the penguins at the park. You will be taken inside their private space where you can spend quality time interacting with them. You can choose to visit them during the morning, afternoon or evening session. You will be able to hand-feed these penguins and enjoy the experience. Only children above the age of 15 will be able to have this amazing experience all by themselves. Others will need supervision. There are dangerous reptiles too and in their proximity you will be reminded of all those movies where they turn predators, but you can visit them with their keeper and have a great time watching their behaviour.


If you are interested in watching wildlife up close then you must make it a point to visit Port Lympne at Lympne in Kent. The park is just 43 kilometers from Broadstairs town. A lots of endangered and rare species make this park their home. Four Hundred acres of land sprawled across natural surroundings with all the perfect facilities for protecting them really makes this park special. The main purpose of this park is to protect the endangered species and encourage people to adopt at least one animal in order to increase their chances of survival. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals at the zoo you can contact the park at the Kent and inform them of the same.

There are about 500 rare species in Port Lympne. The African experience of the park is something most visitors talk about when they are in Broadstairs. Siberian tigers, Przewalski horses, black rhino are some of the most noted species in the park. You are allowed close encounters with certain species like African elephants, primates, various species of ferocious cats and other animals. The park guarantees that your experience with the animals is going to be so different from what you have seen and experienced in the past. The animals are looked after with utmost care and love and you will see that they are pleased to be in their natural surroundings.

If you fancy some munchers while trekking along the park grounds then you can enjoy some refreshments, both hold and cold at the various stalls. If you are coming in with small children there are special facilities for changing their diapers and milk warming centers to treat the little ones to cup a nice and refreshing cup of milk.

It will be a good idea to book the tickets online because there are some discounts to be had. This is one wildlife park that is suited for a family day out. But of course, you must be willing to walk a lot; it is the only way to enjoy the park. There are a number of events held over a span of one year. February, March, June and December see a series of events at the park and if you are planning a vacation during those months you can partake in the events too.


To know which all animals fall under the endangered category and to partake in activities that work towards their protection you can take a trip down to the Rare Species Conservation Center  in Sandwich. A group of people who are very passionate about the fate of endangered animals have set up this center and they eagerly welcome help from genuine people. It is just 12 kilometers from Broadstairs so there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit it. The animals that you see there will not be found in any regular mainstream zoo. These animals are truly special and they are given utmost care. The center is set up in such a way that the animals can live and breed in their natural habitat. There are lemurs, cats, birds, mammals and reptiles and you will be given educational brochures about how these animals are endangered right now and what steps should be taken to protect them.

Apart from these national parks you can also visit the Wildwood (22 kilometers) and Howletts National Park (22 kilometers); there are several more national parks around Broadstairs, but they are a bit far off.

These national parks prove that a visit to Broadstairs will present you with an experience of a lifetime. So when are you booking your tickets?

Featured image: Credit Andrew James (CC2)

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