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Broadstairs Attractions



The Dickens House Museum, is still filled with all the wonder and atmosphere from the day when Charles Dickens lived there. Great care has been taken to retain its character, especially on the ground floor and on the stairs, while making more obvious adaptations for the museum on the first floor.

Starting in the front room one finds items that once belonged to Charles Dickens and the pictures displayed are of his time. The Mahogany sideboard, sold by him in 1855 to John Thomas Green, a solicitor, was bought by the Tattam family in 1919, and left to the town, as was the fine collection of prints by H. K. Browne (Phiz), one of Dickens’s principal illustrators.


Actually this house was not called Bleak House when Dickens was alive. It was only after the author’s death in 1870, did the house acquire its present name. And the name came from his novel, Bleak House. During Dickens’ time the house was called Fort House. It is believed that Dickens wrote several of his best sellers from this very house when he lived in it during the 1850 – 1870 period.

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The North Foreland Golf Course

The North Foreland Golf Course is one of the leading golfing destinations in the area. With sea side views from every hole and every green, the eighteen hole down land course is the ideal course offering bringing together a challenging course and unparalleled delights in the rewards.

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Broadstairs Events accommodates many types of visitors throughout the year. Events in Broadstairs are some of the most highly anticipated in the whole of Kent. Broadstairs is the place where many events take place year on year.

The Crampton Tower Museum

The Crampton Tower Museum is a fascinating small museum is partly housed in a flint tower adjacent to the Broadstairs Railway Station. The tower formed part of the first Broadstairs public water supply and was put in repair by Thanet District Council.

Thomas Russel Crampton is perhaps chiefly remembered as a designer of locomotives and of railways, but he was also concerned with gas, water works and the submarine telegraph cable. He was the first to succeed in laying an effective telegraph cable under the English Channel.

THE North Foreland Light HouseBroadstairs_Attractions

One of the major attractions in Broadstairs, Kent is its lighthouse. The white towering building is an entity in itself and while gazing up at it you will be impressed by the rich history the light house possesses. Broadstairs is home to many historic buildings, the oldest surviving building is the Shrine of Our Lady, Bradstowe. Though the exact date of that building is not known, it was believed to be there in the 1350s. It was one of the major landmarks the sailors used when they went on voyages and they used to salute the shrine just before they left.

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Broadstairs sailing club

Broadstairs is a sailing hub, active and mesmerising in its own right. The locals will tell you that it has stunning views of the Viking Bay and commands one of the best spots in town. The club always welcomes sailing enthusiasts and has an open mind when it comes to accepting new memberships. Read More

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